HAPPY NEW YEAR! Man. It’s 2012. Where is your zombie survival kit? I hope you had a great holiday season, because I did. Shortly, after returning from Asia, K and I went to New Braunfels to celebrate Thanksgiving with my parents and extended family. My love for Texas runs deep. Each visit I think about staying…We did a drive by of where it all began.  It looked so small, wearing the same Sears siding installed in the late 70’s. The whole street was as I had left it 25 year ago.

For Christmas we spent time with K’s family. They are a lively bunch and we are still trying to figure out how to play Epidemic. New Year’s Eve included a decadent surf and turf, conversation and fireworks on the television. We woke to a bright Cali winter morning and left overs. I thought I might do the first loads of laundry for the year, but then decided to watch Doctor Who episodes.

There was a lot of good energy during the holidays. I am on the other hand experiencing pot holiday blues. In combination with the finality of adrenaline withdrawal, built up from my time in Asia, I decided to replace my stolen Trek with a beater hybrid and sweat out the last of Asia as I rode up hill to my interview at Seneca Center. I am also feeling withdrawal from meeting my friend Tien on webcam. As of late the internet has been so bad for him that our webcam sessions end up silent with us both trying to figure out how to make it better. I have understood that they have been very busy going on tours and that makes me very happy. I hope to call him after this trip using a calling card. Jeez, I miss those guys. I just wished he used skype.

So the New Year has been rung in. Unemployment has been exhausted. I am still ready to be present for 2012. I have been blessed to pick up some bussing shifts at the Cove on Castro It kind of reminds me of my time working at Ortega at UCSB. I’ve also been pulling weeds and cleaning up gardens to make a little bit of money. I spent 2 hour precariously trimming a nice old German woman’s tree in front of her house.I see opportunities on the horizon.. I am wide eyed, expecting nothing, but knowing it will work itself out.

Sucks I couldn't reach the last bit.

In the meantime, I will be working and shaping my first novel for publication. I’ve decided to self-publish. I’ve been considering publishing straight to Kindle. There are a couple print on demand websites I have been thinking of using for assistance. I am happy about my accomplishment. I just want to take it further than the few friends that have read it so far.

-It was a DOT.com fall in San Francisco. Little did the city know that murder would blow in with the fog. Lea Bellamy shouldered a ghostly feeling. The queer community collected deep long sighs in their scrap books as Unit T investigated the new violence threatening transgender men. As Lea helps her friend live through the horror of his attack, she is faced with confusion, uncertainty and melancholic wonder. What is the low pressing feeling she has following her? Who is killing transgender men in San Francisco? Introducing a cast of characters who hope to attract the love and affection of the city that helped shape them.-

It is the first of a series of about seven books I have outlined for Black and Tattooed Press. We will follow Lea, friends, the LGBT community through all kinds of mysteries, not always murder. I am hoping to use Lea and her story as a vehicle to tell of my own experience of transition from female to male. A few situations are embellished, but there are certain concepts that time and time again travel through a transition story…but how many transition stories do you read from the perspective of a person of color, in this way? So I am excited to put the group of stories together.

Besides editing, I am thinking of changing my blog to a proper website. I think it will be more flexible in how I am able to showcase what I want. I want to post graphics, and sketches of works in progress. I do more than write you know. My mind has been in a lot of places as the last year came to an end and I still need to flush out what it is and how things will come about for this year.

I set up a deadline for myself for self-publishing. April 17th. I might be making it tough for me, but if I have to I can push it back some. Otherwise, I am quite good at meeting my self-imposed deadlines, even if that means cramming a lot of work in a few days. With the fervor of the new year, it seems like a reasonable timeline considering what I have already accomplished so far.

With all that said, the blog will be quiet for a while. I will periodically post pics, links and short tales as I study for the CBEST, CSET and GRE(if need be) and look for employment.

This year’s resolution is to be present. I think last year was about escape. I did that, but I didn’t do it so well. This year I will be present, in San Francisco, in 2012…(and the subtitle changes)




2 thoughts on “HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  1. I like where your head is at in this one. My long term plan is to be in grad school by Fall of 2013, so I’ll be studying for the GRE this year. If you take that route let me know and we can get a study group started. See you soon I hope!

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