A little Redirection

With this post, I would like to redirect you to a few new projects I have started. Some won’t be live until I start my teacher training. I will keep 4 different blogs until a website is created for me. (I ain’t got time for that). I just wanted to give you a heads up to what they are about and a link to them if you are interested. Maybe you could pass the link along to a friend.

  • On the Road to Zion will be a very personal blog. I will share a bit of my survival or narcissistic abuse and divorce, recapturing my joy, stories of travel and living in another country. Here you can read about my journey to me.  blacklivingabroad.wordpress.com
  • I Call it Teaching, but someone may think otherwise. I will write about my CELTA training and teaching ideas that work or don’t work in the ESL classroom. I hope to include lesson plans, game ideas, and of course stories from the teacher’s room.   icallitteaching.wordpress.com
  • bound notebook may or may not include post from On the Road… This is my creative writing blog. Most will be fiction and there will be a little poetry. I have so many stories (some true/some embellished. This is where I am going to put them.  boundnotebook.wordpress.com
  • pyeong pan is my critical blog. I would like to work my essay style. Here you can read my commentary on politics, race, humanity, and maybe sports. All I know is that I would like to do the type of writing that makes an individual think about their own positions, take notice. eachpagehasrage.wordpress.com

Why so many blogs? It’s because I’m not savvy enough to have create and maintain a website.

Why write so personally and post it? Why the fuck not? I have something to say. I’ve wanted to write my whole life and I need to make this shit work.

At this point of my life I’ve decided that I’ve listen to people long enough. I have something to say and if you don’t like it, you don’t have to read it.


One thought on “A little Redirection

  1. Thank you for inviting me on this journey!! I am excited to read what you have to say, especially because I have not written anything myself in a long time!

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