About Zion

Zion escaped the United States and unemployment to find a job teaching English in South East Asia. TEFL certificate earned in February 2011 he had planned to move abroad with his wife to foreign lands. After sending over 180 CVs to Thailand, 25 to Saudi Arabia, and three to Vietnam, he got the most response by email from Vietnam. Those were the only responses he received. Vietnam hit the radar hard with a positive glow. He built up his momentum and began his plans to move abroad. A cold San Francisco winter urged him to make moves.

actually SF summer

Zion is a trained AutoCAD drafter that spent years in the electrical trade as an inside wireman’s apprentice and CAD drafter. Once the US economy began to flush down the drain he had to take a layoff and flounder for any type of job that wouldn’t hire him. Time began to pass by too quickly and in his restlessness he found that teaching was pulling at him to give it a try. At the same time he watched numerous news reports of teachers getting pink slips from their school districts. He watched protests from children crying out to the local and state governement to not take their schools away.

Zion has always believed in thinking globally and acting locally, but the news was deafening and heartbreaking. With the status of teacher falling below Starbucks baristas he just didn’t know what to do with himself. He could become a barista with health insurance or he could invest in more lengthy education to be laid off at a fat cats whim.


One thought on “About Zion

  1. OMG what an adventure you’re having, Zion! Suzanne Habley here. Am really enjoying your writing and photos and am in awe of your maneuvering through a totally new environment.
    We both are wishing you success in getting the right situation set up (I think you deserve the schedule you desire…I know you’re sending that wish out to the universe) and send you many good wishes! Love, Suzanne and Stuart

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